Creating Customers

by CaZ

Words and Music Lead to Bookings

“My gig is music. Me and my band work six months a year on cruise ships. It’s good work, but all that travel keeps us out of circulation shore side. Before CaZ came along, I spent 2 or 3 months of my shore time looking for work. I need to manage bookings for my band, even if we’re sailing around the world.” –Jerry, Professional Musician

My Side of the Story

Jerry is a hoot to work with. He has a unique world view and loads of talent. Results are important to him, not the how. That is why he came to WritingBytes. Jerry knows that we care about the details.

I knew right away we needed to get him online with a website. We created a travel blog for Jerry. He called and told me a different story every week about his travels. I wrote it up as an article. He sent pictures of his band playing music all over the world.

Words and music created exactly the connection Jerry wanted with his fans and clients back home. When he left the ship for six months living shore side, Jerry had five of those months already booked with work.

WritingBytes knows that words are the vehicle that exposes your business interests in the online world. And yet, making viewers aware of your web presence is only the first step. WritingBytes provides the words to turn website viewers into customers.

Our services target effective communication solutions to your online business challenges.


“CaZ knows her stuff. We were fully booked for our shore side season two months before we left the ship. CaZ made that happen and boosted band revenue by 40%.–Jerry

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