CaZ Writes Words that Describe Your Vision

WritingBytes delivers solid words to convey your message with power and clarity. I bring your vision to your pages. Whether your needs are for long-term communications strategy or a one-time project, CaZ, through WritingBytes, delivers.

Call. E-mail. Find me on Twitter. Please tell me about your project. I am a writer and I will write for you.

Hire CaZ and WritingBytes

My clients,  their needs, and their projects are unique. Your project might feature writing alone or include varied and specialty tasks. All projects are quoted after an initial consultation. Don’t be shy. Contact me. Describe your project and let’s work together to achieve your goals.

WritingBytes Bundled Services

Since many WritingBytes clients prefer to package their project I’ve created two packages and a specialty service for you to consider. Don’t worry if your project does not fit any of these exactly. All projects, even these packages, are quoted after the initial consultation.

Your Bytes Touchup

The Your Bytes package is great as a starter or suitable for refreshing out-of-date copy and equally great for the business looking for a minor re-branding. I’ll take up to five pages of your website copy and spin it into words that will turn heads and make sales.  Typical projects might be business writing, blog or website content, online newsletter e-mail campaign, or training collateral. You specify the project. ($497-$997)

Bytes and More: Copywriting and Re-branding

The Bytes and More package provides services for one project. You specify the project. A full five pages of original website copy created just for you. Great for the start up that is serious about their business. Includes personal discussion and interpretation of your source materials to create a custom site that fits your needs and goals. I’ll work with you to design your new branding and make sure that the writing says the right thing every time. No more miscommunication. No more worry. ($1,297 – $5,297)

Tasks in addition to writing might include setting up an autoresponder e-mail series or newsletter; direct interaction with your website or blog; creating a website or blog; working with graphics, video, and sound files; curriculum and training packages; and marketing copywriting or SEO. These types of additional tasks may not be included in the package pricing, depending on the options chosen.

SocialBytes: Customized Social Media Setup

WritingBytes is all about leveraging your time. You want Social Media. You need Social Media. You use Social Media personally. But are you using Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Blogging and other Social Media tools effectively for your business? If not, it’s time to step into the starting gate; the horse race is on and you are about to miss the bell.

What’s stopping you?

Time. Technical skill. Procrastination. All of these and more are real barriers keeping your business from the benefits Social Media tools bring. Social Media is not a fad; it’s the future. And the future is now.

This specialty service is flexible and priced for the small business owner. Contact me today for a complimentary evaluation of how your business is using and can use Social Media.

Let CaZ give you the leg up you need to not only join the race but take the lead.

Why Hire a Professional Writer?

You remember that adage about feeding a fellow a fish or teaching him how to fish? Hiring a writer is like that. What I do is solve your communication problems to bring you customers and build relationships that keep your customers coming back.

Still have questions about hiring a writer? Register and purchase this pdf  e-book. You’ll find answers there. And don’t forget to come back and talk to me about your writing project after you finish reading! I’ll be looking forward to receiving your e-mail.

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