Writer Success Coaching

Private Coaching with CaZ, the Writer Success Coach

"A writer success coach supports and guides the writer - usually a book writer - through the writing process leading to publication. Simply put, writer success coach helps you get clear about your idea and guides you through the steps to execute the writing and prepare it for publishing. It's much more than hand holding or being a cheering squad, although both are likely to be given. A coach provides strategy, story analysis, professional critique, project management, and even publishing and marketing consultation."  ~CaZ, the Writer Success Coach

Private coaching is for those writers who are serious about their writing project. Are you ready to commit to being accountable and meeting agreed upon timelines to achieve your goal of being published and successfully launching your book? If this describe you, then schedule a call with CaZ to discuss the options for private writer success coaching. 

Writer Success Coaching sessions are conducted virtually, using phone, email, messaging, and face-to-face chat technology such as Skype or Zoom. A minimum commitment of 90 days is required and a 12 month commitment is requested.

Book Writer Success Boot Camp

Don't Miss this opportunity to

CaZ will get you clear about your book, your message, your purpose and what you want to achieve. Learn our revolutionary 7-step writing process that makes writing your story totally easy, even if you don't have a clue yet!

In this boot camp, CaZ guides writers through the process of starting, writing, and finishing their book project. We know from experience that it is possible for you to finish your book in 90 days following our exclusive process! 

The Book Writer Success Boot Camp is a premier group coaching and training given by CaZ, the Writer Success Coach. The trainings are delivered virtually using live webinars. The coaching webinar sessions are recorded for you to archive for ongoing reference.

What kind of book will you write? Register NOW and be sure to schedule your private consultation with CaZ! Book Writer Success Boot Camp features include:

  • Our exclusive 7-Point Book Writing Success process
  • One Professionally Designed Book Cover
  • Answers to All of Your Questions
  • 14-DAY Money Back Guarantee

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Have a question or two? 

Book Strategy with CaZ, the Writer Success Coach

Sometimes we need support and a fresh perspective. Writing is personal and by definition a solitary process. It is also really easy to get stuck. 

You have a great idea for your book. Maybe the outline is done. Maybe the first chapter is done. Maybe the whole first draft of the book is written. What now? If you're asking that question, consider a strategy session to find a clear path forward or simply to get going again. Come away from your one-on-one strategy session with an agreed-upon action plan, refreshed attitude, and achievable goals!

Writer Success 
Accountability Strategy

For writers and authors who have a book idea, at any stage of development, that they want to develop into a published book. Get clear about your writing project. Get unstuck (if you are stuck). Identify a path and timeline to achieve your writing goals. Success challenges to consider include:

  • Writer’s Block
  • Lack of knowledge of the process
  • Unclear about topic
  • Uncertain about where to begin
  • Feelings of inadequacy as a writer
  • Unclear about the outcome; unrealistic expectations

The Writer Success Accountability Strategy session will identify a blueprint to follow that results in your book project moving forward. 

Book Success
Marketing Strategy

For writers and authors with a published (or nearly published) book. The focus is to identify a book launch and marketing plan for their book. Working with CaZ, you will identify the challenges keeping you from a successful book launch. These could include:

  • Lack of knowledge about marketing
  • Lack of knowledge about book launch process
  • Unclear about the book’s target audience
  • Unrealistic budget for marketing
  • Little or no list of readers, fans, followers
  • Poor or non-existent marketing materials

Your marketing strategy session will result in a blueprint to follow that will clear blocks to book marketing and result in book marketing moving forward. 

Group Coaching and Writer Support Services

We are committed to providing support to writers and the professions who serve writers. We offer four group coaching and training options. Each of these are designed to include private Facebook groups. Participation requires an investment. Studies show that even a small monetary commitment for group activities adds to the emotional accountability of the participants. 

The Writer Exchange

Looking for a writing partner? A critique partner? Someone with whom you can bounce story ideas back and forth? Want to connect with writers, editors, and publishers? Then this virtual group is for you. Connect with other writers looking for the same kind of support as you.

Writing is a solitary activity yet both creativity and organization benefit when writers collaborate, brainstorm, and in general hold each other accountable to shared goals.

Writer Success Support Library

We get it. Finding resources to learn about writing, editing, critique, and most of all, the publishing and marketing of your book can be frustrating.

The Writer Success Support group is centered around our resource library. Membership in this group gives you full access to the Writer Success Support library and membership in the private Facebook group to interact with other writers on the same path you are following. 

Writer Success Master Club

Membership in this private group is available by invitation. If you would like to be considered for membership, please schedule a call with CaZ. 

For All Writers Committed to the the Joy and Mastery of their Craft. We ask for a six-month minimum commitment.

Features include membership in the Writer Exchange and the Writer Success Library. Each member of the Master Club gets one Writer Success coaching call per month and access to a 30 minute group Q&A webinar. 

Communication to Conversion

Master how to create blog, email, and website messages that lead to conversion. This group is a virtual Masterclass filled with tools and lessons that enable you to craft your digital footprint with a message having both clarity and authenticity built into its core.

Members have access to an extensive library that provides valuable, proven tips and guidance. Lessons are delivered in easy-to-implement bits of expertise. Communication to Conversion provides a secure and private forum for learning as well as live, virtual access to CaZ and guest experts. 


Book Services

Business Card Books 

Publish a Biz Card Book and you are instantly seen as an achiever, a person who can accomplish most any task. The perception is that as the author of a published book, you have great discipline and fortitude.People don’t throw books away. Chances are good (studies say 88%) that your business card will be thrown away within one week. It is unlikely that someone will throw your Biz Card Book away.

A Biz Card Book catapulted one coach to a six-figure business and put another on every major TV network as well as the TedX stage. Whether you are a high-powered business attorney or a part-time window washer, handing your potential client your autographed Biz Card Book vs. a business card can increase your sales.Telling a variety of customer success stories can help your clients have a better understanding of what you do and who would benefit most from your services.

A Biz Card Book makes giving you referrals easier. Nothing gets lost in the translation. The potential client is hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth – yours.

A book will speak for you in a way that a 30-second elevator speech can’t. If you network a lot, authoring a book is easily one of the best investments you will make for your business and will catapult you to leading authority.

When you come to us, you have available to you some of the best consultants and coaches who understand how to appeal to your ideal customer. Let us help you grow your business by telling your story in a business card book.

All Inclusive Book Package: Editing, Book Design, Layout, and Publishing 

We know that every author is as unique as the stories we are blessed to read and write.Whether you are ready to publish or haven't written a word, we want to help.

Whether you want to tell your story to inspire, or to create strategies for your business, or to increase your circle of influence, we believe in sharing the true power of words.We understand what it means to have a story to share, to be a writer, to be an author, to be a best-selling author, to be a publisher, and to help others tell their story. We have lived the therapeutic roller coaster of writing and publishing our own stories and ghostwriting for others.

Our all inclusive book packages are customized for each of our authors. Please schedule a call to discuss your book options. ​


A la Carte Writing and Author Services


The process of writing a book has a different structure and set of rules from nearly any other type of writing. While easily the most gratifying of all writing, it can be both difficult and time-consuming to learn. Typically, a non-fiction book of up to 200 pages can take between 2,000 and 5,000 hours to write—and that’s the writing time, excluding the research, process, and production time.

Ghostwriting services reduce the author’s time commitment to tens of hours and less. As a ghostwriter, CaZ is experienced in the complex process of book writing. Most people who start writing a book do not finish. By writing the book for you, the ghostwriter ensures that the manuscript will, in fact, get finished.

​Each book project we accept is unique. The services we offer are tailored to each author's needs. Ghostwriting can be added to any of our writing projects from the smallest bio for your website's about page to a full 250 page book.

Even though your book has been ghostwritten for you, it is fully your story, told to your ghostwriter, and written in your voice. You retain full credit and all rights as author. Confidentiality is also an important part of a ghostwritten project. CaZ and all team members respect and enforce your right to confidentiality and  abide by your wishes. 

Schedule a call with CaZ to discuss how we can support your writing goals and projects with ghostwriting services. 


While there are different levels of editing, the bottom line is that editing is about improving the style, formatting, and accuracy of your manuscript. Editing is also about making sure there aren’t inconsistencies, and that the style flows well, in addition to being grammatically correct.

The process is not complex. Clarify your idea. Write your message. Organize your writing into a cohesive and complete unit with a beginning, middle, and end to the story. This describes a first draft, which likely bears little resemblance to how your final manuscript will look. Editing is critical to the successful creation of a final manuscript ready for publication. We collaborate with our team of editors to bring your book to top form. CaZ serves as the lead editor and coordinates (if needed) the services of additional professionals from our team. 

We provide all levels of manuscript editing from proofreading to editorial review to intensive copyediting and revision. Our goal is to ensure that your manuscript is prepared to the highest quality and standards and ready for printing or digital release by any publisher.

Book Design

Professional Interior Book Design

Book design includes more than the front and back cover. Book design techniques are also applied to the interior pages.

Your manuscript must be converted to a format that can be printed and digitized. The interior pages must be laid out to industry specifications that include pagination, text layout and format, table of contents, pleasing and clear typography, insertion of graphic elements when specified, chapter layout and format, insertion of front and back matter, as well as headers and footers.

 If a book’s interior is unorganized, poorly designed, and hard on the eyes, readers decide reading it is more trouble than it’s worth.

Whether you’re publishing a simple text-driven book or have many images, charts, graphs, pull quotes, and sidebars to include, we’ll make sure your book layout is consistent with the cover design, typographically attractive, readable, and engaging.Our experience with interior book layout ranges from the simple to the most complicated formats. We’re invigorated by the challenge of making a book’s interior be as spectacular as its cover.We understand that interior layouts are as important as exterior designs. We pay meticulous attention to ensure that your book is reader-friendly both inside and out. 

When your manuscript is flowed into your book’s design template, we review the text and ensure that your message is retained as written. Having a typesetting and layout specialist review the pages as they’re being created provides peace of mind that nothing is being left out, misaligned, changed, or otherwise altered during the process.

Professional Cover Design

It’s often said “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” That's one cliche that is false. Your readers will judge your book on the way it’s presented. If your cover is not attractive and eye-catching, or if it does not clearly reflect the contents within, back on the shelf the book goes.

Cover design acts as the gateway, catching the reader’s eye and giving a glimpse at what’s inside. Our professional designers create attractive, individually crafted covers that will complement your book.Our cover designers understand how to create appealing and effective covers that suit your book’s needs.

Marketing and Social Media

Our marketing services are specific. We offer only processes and tools that we know work and have proven successful for our clients.  

LinkedIn and LinMail
90 Day Campaign

LinMailPro is a social marketing add on for LinkedIn. We offer a social media marketing campaign designed to reach persons via targeted search on LinkedIn to inform them of the existence of (or launch of) a client’s business.

The campaign is designed to both add new connections and deepen the social relationship with existing connections. Our Communication to Conversion division manages the campaign, which includes setup of the needed software accounts. The campaign is structured to run over the course of 90 days with an option to extend the time by agreement.. 

Author Profile and
Book Pages Setup

Create Space, KindleDirect, and AuthorCentral, along with a website or landing page for the book are tools that we strongly recommend for marketing your book. We offer these services when asked as a stand-alone package. Most often, however, writers who need this request other services, which allows us to bundle these smaller yet important services with a larger package. 

Authors who are computer savvy are encouraged to perform their own setup. We are happy to provide checklists and cheat sheets to facilitate when our author clients choose self-performance of these tasks.

Book Launch 
Best Seller Campaign

  • Best Selling Author Status for you.
  • Best Selling Book Status for your book in one or two categories
  • Email addresses of direct downloads
  • Follow up email campaign to encourage sharing your book with others and to ask for reviews.
  • Integration with your Book Launch marketing campaign, if you choose that package, too
  • Creation and population of your Author Central page
  • The process takes 30-60 days between planning, campaign, and follow up (although we have successfully done it in less)

Book Launch and
Marketing Campaign

  • A mini-strategy session (about 30 minutes) with CaZ to clarify your book launch and marketing goals
  • Integration with the Book Launch Best Seller Campaign, if you choose that package, too
  • A personalized book launch plan, tailored to you
  • A step by step timeline, proven effective and easy
  • Email sequences for launch week and follow up
  • In-depth instructions on how to automate the most important part of your launch
  • 30-minute follow up consultation to talk you through your plan


Publishing Services

While it's true these days that anyone can publish a book, not everyone should. Regardless of topic, your book needs to present a professional, polished, and formatted look, from cover to cover, from introduction to close, and for all of the pages in between. We offer a publishing solution to meet the needs of every author. Schedule a call today to discuss your publishing needs and how we can support your goals. 

Manifest Publishing

We know that every author is as unique as the stories we are blessed to read and write.

Whether you want to tell your story to inspire change in the hearts of others or create a strategy to increase your sales and circle of influence, we understand the true power of words. 

Manifest Publishing specializes in manifesting your awesome book idea into reality. We are interested in you and what stirs your soul.

BytesPress Publishing

While it's true these days that anyone can publish a book, not everyone should.

Regardless of topic, your book needs to present a professional, polished, and formatted look, from cover to cover, from introduction to close, and for all of the pages in between. 

BytesPress ​provides publishing services to authors who have a manuscript with a technical or business bent ready for publishing. We navigate the complexities of publication for you.

Indie Author Publisher

Authors are finally receiving the value, and financial rewards, that come along with taking control of publishing their creative work. 

However the learning curve is steep to be successful in producing your own work as an independent author and publisher. If this is your path, we'd like to ease your way. 

We have the experience and offer the opportunity to mentor with us. You retain all rights, publish under your own imprint, and learn from experienced indie publishers. ​ 

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