Online Learning

by CaZ

Creating a Secure Online Employee Resource

“I came out of the meeting ready to take on the world. Everything was coming together and I was already counting the money this project would put into my bank account. There was one hitch that I had to sort out. I can’t write myself out of a wet tissue. So I sent a text to CaZ at WritingBytes and booked her right away.” –David, Human Resources Consultant

My Side of the Story…

David is articulate and busy and values good writing. When he described the project, creating an online learning environment for one of his big business clients, I was immediately caught in his enthusiasm.

Of course, enthusiasm aside, there were challenges. Biggest one? We had to rewrite several really boring training manuals into the fresh and lively voice the client wanted for their new online employee resource. What did the client say they liked best about the finished product? The writing and the interactive, multi-media features we added.

WritingBytes will always write it for you-in your voice. You provide the ideas. We’ll do the research, the writing, the editing, and if necessary, even the website. We help you make the connection between where your business is and where you want it to go.

“That money I was counting? Came through. My take was five figures AND the client signed on for another 80K contract. Thanks, CaZ!” –David

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