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What is a Business Card Book?

What is a Business Card Book?

A business card book is a laser-focused message about your business and mission. It positions you as an expert and influencer in a way that a simple business card cannot.

Successful people author books and use their book to leverage their business. A business card book is a laser-focused message about your business and mission. It positions you as an expert and influencer in a way that a simple business card cannot. Whether you are a high-powered business attorney or a part-time window washer, handing your potential client your autographed book vs. a business card can increase your sales.

Here are five reasons why you should consider publishing a Business Card Book for yourself and your business.

  1. You are instantly seen as an authority at what you do. Anyone who authors a book, must be an authority on the subject they have written about. Right? Think about it. The root word of authority is author.
  2. Your clients are going to believe that you know what to do.You are instantly seen as an achiever; a person who can accomplish most any task. The perception is that if you can publish a book that you are someone with great discipline and fortitude. Let's face it. If you publish a book, then most anything beyond that is pretty easy, right? Your clients are going to trust you to get the job done right and on time.
  3. Telling a variety of customer success stories can help your clients have a better understanding of what you do and who would benefit most from your services. It makes giving you referrals easier. And, if clients still don't EXACTLY know what you do, they can at least hand them your book. Nothing gets lost in the translation. The potential client is hearing it straight from the horse's mouth - yours.
  4. A book will speak for you in a way that a 30-second elevator speech cannot. If you are someone who networks a lot, authoring a book is one of the best investments you will make for your business.
  5. People don't throw books away. Chances are pretty good (say 88%) that your business card will be thrown away within one week. See study. But, it is very unlikely that someone will throw your business card book away

This last point became clear to me when I was in a meeting with two partners in a coaching business. One partner complained that they were not getting referrals and that potential clients often forgot about their services. When I suggested a business card book (for all the reasons above), the other partner began to laugh.

Why? Because someone had handed him a book on a plane. The topic was of no interest to him, but that book was still lying in his office six months later.

What is it that you do to stay in front of your clients when you aren't there every day to remind them?

Creating a business card book was the choice the two partners made, and it was an excellent choice!

What about you? Will you step out of the crowd and position yourself for success? Or will you stay with the pack and give away business cards that do more to fill up trash bins than they do to fill your pocketbook.

The time is now for you to author a Biz Card Book. Our publishing consultants are branding and marketing experts who take the time to understand your business and develop an outline to speak to your ideal target market. We work with you to craft your message to be an asset to your business marketing program. We teach you how to use your book to build authority and leave your audience with a lasting impression.

Everyone has a story to tell, and how that story is told can make a night and day difference in attracting your ideal customers and growing your business.

Are you ready to transition into authorship? Then how may I support you today? Perhaps you would like to know more about the Book Writer Success Boot Camp where you follow my proven process to write a book in 90 days.

Or perhaps you’ve written the book and have no idea what to do next. The Publish-it Now! Boot camp gets you published! I’ll post details in the comments.

Let’s talk more about writing your story! Join me in the Book Writer Success Boot Camp and let’s write a book together!

5 steps: Use Your Book to Market Your Business

5 Steps: Use Your Book to Market Your Business


The elevator doors open. A couple join you on the ride to the lobby. They are friendly, chatting a bit, you exchange reasons for your presence in this hotel in this city. You realize from their conversation that these two are your perfect client. And you want to talk more…but the lobby is only 30 seconds away. Pull out your business card and hand it to them? Sure. Then hope they’ll get back to you one day.

Here’s another ending to this same scenario. Yes, pull out your business card. And mention that you are an author. Ask if they would like a complimentary copy of your book. Hand them your business card book ( It is an amazingly effective, informative, entertaining, and educational tool that beats a simple card every time.

I sometimes refer to my business card book as an airplane book because it’s exactly the right size and amount of information to read while taking a flight. It takes an hour or two to read, is filled with interesting content, and is complete with your contact information.

And the best part? Nobody throws away a book. Your business card may be relegated to the circular file, but not the book.

#2 - Develop the art of promotion.

I love promoting others and helping them achieve success. (Maybe that’s why I love writing stories and helping client’s put their stories together so much.) When it comes to promoting myself, it’s not as easy. And in that, I am like most people. We are simply not comfortable promoting ourselves. Your well-written book can and will promote YOU for you.

Having your book to share with the person you are meeting is instrumental in building your credibility. Use your book to build your authority. You’ve written a book, you must be the expert. This is powerful wisdom that adds credibility to who you are.

#3 - Become a leading authority in your industry.

It’s Wednesday lunch and you are attending yet another weekly networking meeting. What essential tool do you take and use? A business card? Yes, and so does every other person there. One key to effective marketing is standing out from the crowd. Is handing out your business card standing out or blending in?

Consider using a BizCardBookTM as an alternative to a business card. I share my BizCardBook instead of a business card. It is an instant icebreaker and it never fails.

After reading, people loan (or give) my book to others they know who would benefit from my services and they purchase books for their friends and colleagues! They even tell my story for me when introducing me to their colleagues.

The icing on the cake is the trust that comes with a book. Trust is priceless and simply can’t be bought. With your BizCardBook, you are instantly an author-ity. When you share your book, you are immediately considered worthy of having business referred to you and what’s more, the referrals are educated—before you connect—about what you do and what to expect.

#4 - Leave your book behind.

Wherever you go, leave your book for someone else to find. You can mark it up, leave your business card in there, and/or write a nice inscription for the person who finds it. Maybe you even want to leave someone else’s business card in there! (Make it look like someone else bought it, loved it and accidentally forgot it. Shucks!)

I totally believe that if you put it out there, the right person will find your book. He or she might not be your ideal client, but if you write your book specifically for your ideal client, he or she will know exactly who they are going to give this “lucky find,” too. Besides, it spreads good energy. Don’t you feel lucky when you find something that you know was meant for you or someone you know?

#5 - Make your book a valuable giveaway!

It is great to get referrals, but even better to have great referral partners! If you’ve already written one book, you know how difficult or easy it can be. Here’s a way to keep the process on the easy side.

Let’s say you are in the wellness industry. You are a nutritional coach. And, that really great gym owner down the street has given you lots of referrals recently. And, why wouldn’t he? Clients who work with you have a more educated approach to the synergy of nutrition and exercise. Susie has given you lots of referrals lately, too. She has met many people at her weight loss program and gives business to both you and the gym.

What if you found four or five more people like these who have the same ideal client that you do? You each could write a section of an educational book for people looking for a healthy lifestyle. And, you could each agree to purchase so many books to hand out to potential clients. Of course, your client stories are in there, and so is your contact information and website. Now, you have syndicated your referral efforts and shared in the process of writing a book.

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