Writing a book is a big deal. It's a dream millions share. But writing it is only the beginning. Getting a book ready to publish is also an accomplishment worthy of pride. Congratulations to anyone who gets a book through the writing process and ready to publish. 

Getting the manuscript to publication, sad to say, can be a dream killer for the uninitiated. There are dozens of steps required and an entire team of advisers, suppliers, editors, and creatives are often involved.

Don't give up the dream! It's not rocket science, only a complex process. What's needed is guidance. Which is exactly what you get with BytesPress publishing - assistance and navigation through the complexities of publication.

While it's true these days that anyone can publish a book, not everyone should. You need a professional, polished, and formatted look, from cover to cover, from introduction to close, and for all of the pages in between.

We offer you the ability to control the process, successfully achieve your goals, and publish a book that will do you proud! BytesPress publishes books and eBooks that are digitally mastered for Amazon and CreateSpace, for Kindle, for Ingram, and for any print or book distributor. And we never keep the rights—you wrote it, you published it, you own it.

The process of independent publishing can be winnowed into three broad categories:

  • Writing and editing. Polishing the content
  • Preparing to publish and getting the book through the publishing process
  • Distribution and Marketing of the published book, including conversion to the correct digital format

Have a book to publish? We'd love to chat with you about how we can help.Let’s make a plan, keep it simple, and publish your best work. 

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