"My joy comes from Transforming writers
into Authors."

Apply Below to Write With Me

"Let me show you how writing your book can make a difference."

Step 1: Keep Reading...

The application process is simple. Fill out the application form (below) and submit. Then select a time to interview with myself or Barbara, our Director of Acquisitions and Author Services. 

You do not have to be a writer to author a book. We know this to be true from having provided guidance to hundreds of writers.

We are committed to your success as an author AND as a proprietor of your own business, be that coaching, speaking, or selling ice cream on the beach. Our authors are leading authorities in their fields. We guide and support you in your transformation to author-ity. 

Working with BizCardBooks to create your Business Card Book™ is different from working with any other publisher. We guide you through the steps to authorship and then publish your book READY TO LAUNCH as a KEY marketing and promotional tool for your business.

Step 2: Ready to Write Your Book?

​We look for three key characteristics in our writers:

  1. Are You Ready Now?
  2. Will You Commit? 
  3. WIll You Be Accountable to Finishing What You Start?

If you have these qualities, then please continue and complete the application because we WANT TO TALK with  you about how we can help you create a bestselling book and change your live and the lives of the thousands who will read your message. 

We are Ready to Begin. Are You? Then Start Your Application!

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