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Purpose. Writing, even journaling or when pursued as a hobby, is a purposeful activity. In your Writing 101 class, you will be taught that there are four reasons to write: narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive. And the professors are correct. Books, newspapers, magazines, journals, even online communications like email, blogs, websites, and social media content can be categorized into one or more of these four 'purposes' to writing. 

The reason to write, however, is more than an academic description. To me, the purpose that counts is your WHY. The ultimate goal of writing is to communicate, regardless of how we choose to define the style and type of writing. Communication is the goal. Your ability to clearly say what is in your mind and heart innately creates a connection between you and your reader.  And sharing your message through your words is (or should be) your purpose. Once this is clear in your mind, the mechanics of writing become easy.

As the Writer Success Coach I bring the team together and transform writers into authors. Have you written a book or are about to? Unsure of where to start or what to do next? Do you have questions about the process of writing and publishing? Then your next step is to talk to me (Book a Free Consultation) or perhaps to join the Book Writer Success Boot Camp and learn everything you need to know to get that book ready to publish.

Today's blog is a combination of Video (Vlog) and written content. I hope you enjoy both! 

Video Blog Transcript

Today’s show is brought to you by the letter “P”. Hi, this is CaZ, the writer success coach. It’s day 9 of the Live video every day in August challenge.

Today I want to recap a bit and share my plan with you! So far, my live video posts have been random and, hopefully, fun and informative. The fun and informative part is going to continue—with a more mindful attitude on my part.

These live videos are going to center around what I call The Three Ps to Writing and Publishing Success: Purposeful, Productive, and Prosperous. We'll expand on these three key elements to writing success over the next few weeks of videos. Successful writers embrace these key concepts in order to meet their writing goals, whatever those goals might be.

As always, I’ll turn some of these videos into blog posts. They will also be on my YouTube channel and shared both on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You’ll have lots of chances to get this great info and I hope you’ll catch it first here as a FB Live post!

Let’s start today.

With Purpose.

Why do you write?I know you can’t tell me, it’s a one-way video channel. Let’s start a conversation, though. In the comments or in a private message if you prefer, please tell me, why do you write? Give it some thought. 

I know that part of being purposeful as a writer is to have a purpose around when you write, what you write, and who you write for. Successful writers have a morning ritual that involves writing. Do you? I do. What’s yours?

To be successful as a writer is personal. It might be you define writing success in financial terms, or perhaps it's as simple for you as leaving a legacy or it might even be part of a lofty goal of changing the world. The first step to success in writing, to YOUR success, is understanding why you write and choosing to create a writing habit. We will talk more about this tomorrow when we discuss why you should (or should not) schedule your writing!

CaZ here, the Writer Success Coach, talking to you about purpose in writing. Keep Writing! 

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Or perhaps you’ve written the book and have no idea what to do next. The Publish-it Now! Boot camp gets you published! I’ll post details in the comments.

May I ask you one more question? If not now, When?

Go for it, whatever it is. Step outside of your comfort zone and move into seeing your dreams come true.This is CaZ, the Writer Success Coach. Keep on Writing!

Let’s talk more about taking the kind of breaks that fill you up with the energy to write! Join me in the Book Writer Success Boot Camp and let’s write a book together!

About the Author Candy Zulkosky

CaZ, the Writer Success Coach, understands the power behind being passionate about your business and your life’s endeavors. As a coach and all around cheerleader for her clients, CaZ brings together the full package—clarity, communication, and conversion. As a ghostwriter and content developer, she listens, learns, and comes to understand your goals and your purpose—and then delivers the right words to mix with the images that communicate your message. As an editor and book designer, she brings business acumen, up-to-date publishing experience, and industry know-how to the process of publishing your book.

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