Focus On Your Dream: Anna's Story

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Video Transcript:

​I was recently talking to a new friend, I’ll call her Anna. She’s a successful business woman in her late 60s. I’m always interested in how and why people choose their career path and I asked her how she came to her profession.

I expected an interesting and perhaps inspiring story of a young woman pursuing her dreams. Instead, I saw a shadow cross her face as in a subdued voice she confided that what she always wanted to do was be an author. To be a published writer of many books.

She told me that, as a young woman pursuing her goal of writing books, she found the field impossible to break into from the small town where she lived. No connections. No resources. This was pre Internet, so certainly none of the indie publishing options open to new writers today were available to her. Even her mentor in college encouraged her to choose a double major in business administration so that she would have a ‘fallback’ career option.

Anna looked up at me, eyes brimming with tears threatening to spill, and assured me that she enjoys her work and is proud to have helped many people over the years, yet she has deep regrets.

She considers herself to be a strong independent woman and cannot believe that she allowed others to talk her out of her dream. Even now, decades later, the regret and even bitterness was evident as she spoke.

Anna’s story reminded me of something my mother told me. When a person tells you not to do something, it’s because they are afraid you will do it, successfully, and better than they could.

We get to choose the path we take in life and it is always possible to change that path. I am so pleased and proud to say that, after more than 50 years, Anna has taken up the pen again. She is writing the first in her series of books.

Anna understands now that it’s important to be true to yourself and follow your dream.

You’ll never regret going after your dream. Will you regret not going? Will you be like Anna and wait 50 years? Or will you start today?

I’d be happy to help. That’s self evident. I have one final question for you today.

If not now, When? IF Not Now, When?

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