It Takes a Village... to Publish Your Book

Who is on your book success team? Do you have a team? For any writer who has passed the first draft stage, the answer is yes. Bringing a book from concept to print calls upon the writer to develop or hire the skills of an entire team of professionals.

Even for writers who self-publish and use Indie Publishers, it's advisable to hire professionals for some (or all) of these services: 

  • Writing Coach.
  • Ghost Writer.
  • Editors.
  • Book and Cover Designers.
  • Publisher.
  • Public Relations.
  • Book Launch and Marketing Expert. 

It is not uncommon for an author to commission the professional services of a developmental editor, a copy editor, and a production editor before the manuscript reaches the final proofread before submission to the printer. 

So who is on your book success team?  

As the Writer Success Coach I bring the team together and transform writers into authors. Have you written a book or are about to? Unsure of where to start or what to do next? Do you have questions about the process of writing and publishing? Then your next step is to talk to me (Book a Free Consultation) or perhaps to join the Book Writer Success Boot Camp and learn everything you need to know to get that book ready to publish.

Today's blog is a combination of Video (Vlog) and written content. I hope you enjoy both! 

Video Blog Transcript

CaZ here, the Writer Success Coach. From my office, I look out over a lovely lake and can see the ocean a block away and a little parking lot where I get to watch the antics of beach-goers.

Most of the people who head to the beach go in small groups. Yet always mixed in are a few people heading to the water without companions.

Writing a book is like that. It’s a solitary occupation, until it isn’t.

Are you surprised to learn that a book is a team effort? For some writers, it starts with coaching and accountability at the very beginning. And for all writers, there will be a desire and a need to enlist others with specialized skills and knowledge to perfect their manuscript.

As the Writer Success Coach, I become closely involved in every book my authors write. Yet even I am not a solo act. I bring in editors, proofreaders, book and cover designers and even marketing pre-launch readers for promotion.

It takes a village to bring a book to press. As many of you already know.

Have you published a book? I’d love to talk about what the experience was like for you. Would you share a bit of your story in the comments?

Statistics tell us that somewhere above 80% of adults want to write a book. Only a slim margin of that percentage actually do.

Are you one of the 80%? what’s stopping you?

Let’s find out! Come join me in the Book Writer Success Boot Camp! I’ll put the link in the comments with all the details!

Let’s write a book together!

About the Author Candy Zulkosky

CaZ, the Writer Success Coach, understands the power behind being passionate about your business and your life’s endeavors. As a coach and all around cheerleader for her clients, CaZ brings together the full package—clarity, communication, and conversion. As a ghostwriter and content developer, she listens, learns, and comes to understand your goals and your purpose—and then delivers the right words to mix with the images that communicate your message. As an editor and book designer, she brings business acumen, up-to-date publishing experience, and industry know-how to the process of publishing your book.

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