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Questions, I get questions…

Here's one I received recently from a friend I'll call Jim: "I’m a speaker and I want to increase my speaking opportunities. I’m told that writing a book can help me achieve this goal, but how?"

Jim, you’ve heard right. Whether you are a speaker, an entrepreneur, a coach, almost anyone in business, you can use a book to market your services.

Let’s think about how this might work. You go to an event where you are a speaker or presenting your services. You are, in that place and in that moment, the authority, the expert. And they want to take you home with them. Offering back of the room book sales ensures that they can take you home!

So Jim, do you have and are you using a full set of self-promotion tools in your shiny red toolbox? Without a book to tell your story, the answer is no, there’s a major tool you are missing.

It’s not rocket science. It’s a book. It’s your story to tell. You know it. No one knows it better.

If you don’t want to write it, you can tell it to someone who will. If you don’t want to learn how to edit and publish it, you can, for a reasonable investment, ask a professional to do it all for you. And if you want to write it and publish it yourself? That same professional support is available to guide you through the process.

So, Jim obviously I can’t fully answer your question in 2 minutes. I hope this gives you a direction and a desire to learn more. Here’s a thought, book 30 minutes with me. Together we’ll explore the options and come up with a plan to get your book written and published and available to help you grow your speaking career. And that offer is open to any of you watching, of course.

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CaZ, the Writer Success Coach, understands the power behind being passionate about your business and your life’s endeavors. As a coach and all around cheerleader for her clients, CaZ brings together the full package—clarity, communication, and conversion. As a ghostwriter and content developer, she listens, learns, and comes to understand your goals and your purpose—and then delivers the right words to mix with the images that communicate your message. As an editor and book designer, she brings business acumen, up-to-date publishing experience, and industry know-how to the process of publishing your book.

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