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Do you have a killer story but are not sure where to start to tell it? Or maybe you started and got stuck? 
Are you ready to turn your scribbled notes into a published book? Maybe even that best seller you've secretly dreamed of? 
Ever thought, "Someday I will write a book!"?
Would you disrespect a friend by not showing up for a coffee date? No. Then why disrespect yourself by not showing up to write?
Don't Miss this opportunity to
provides support, motivation, and structure to get and keep you writing 

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Get clear on what you want to achieve in the Mastermind. CaZ will help you find the way to get the success you want!

Scheduling times are limited. Don't put off registering until the last minute! 

Mastermind Lessons Delivered to You

We get that writing is a solitary practice, but we also know that you don't have to do it all by yourself. The Author Accountability Mastermind provides support, motivation, and structure to get and keep you writing and achieving your writing goals week after week. 

Participate in the Weekly Mastermind Calls


Want the Secret Answers? Tune in to the mastermind calls to discover what it takes. Be the person who shows up AND implements the ideas and solutions delivered by the mastermind.  

The video lessons and mastermind calls are companions that together ensure you have an easy to use reference to stay on track with your accountability and action planning for book or for any communication project.  

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The true value in this private forum is networking with like-minded, and like-purposed individuals.It's an important part of any Communication to Conversion Mastermind experience. Don't miss it. Here you will mix with people who share your goals. Bounce ideas and brainstorm new ones with the other members, all in the secure, privacy of a 'secret' Facebook page. Easy. Convenient. And smart.

As with all Communication to Conversion Mastermind courses and events, the Author Accountability Mastermind is designed to be easy, convenient, and educational for you. You have questions. We have answers. Doors open June 12, so register now.

And Don't Miss Your BONUS! Register NOW for FREE Ebook:  
Five Reasons to Get the Pros Involved with Your Prose

About the Author Candy Zulkosky

CaZ, the Writer Success Coach, understands the power behind being passionate about your business and your life’s endeavors. As a coach and all around cheerleader for her clients, CaZ brings together the full package—clarity, communication, and conversion. As a ghostwriter and content developer, she listens, learns, and comes to understand your goals and your purpose—and then delivers the right words to mix with the images that communicate your message. As an editor and book designer, she brings business acumen, up-to-date publishing experience, and industry know-how to the process of publishing your book.

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