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Congratulations to Jessica Peterson and Yvonne A. Jones on the publication of their book, Forty and Wiser: Remarkable Insider Secrets from Women Forty and Wiser.

As co-author Jessica Peterson reflected on her approaching milestone birthday, she suddenly noticed that both her business and personal life were filled with women aged 40 years and older. Further, she recognized that the collective wisdom she saw and heard from them every day was astounding. This realization, combined with a desire to celebrate her fourth decade with a special gift to the world, bore fruit as the book Forty and Wiser: Insider Secrets from Women Forty and Wiser

She started with a brilliantly simple idea: Ask women these two easy questions. ​

  • What is your number one piece of wisdom?
  • What would you tell your younger self?

The response was amazing and overwhelming. In the end, more than 70 women aged 40 and wiser (as Jessica notes, it sounds better than 40 and older) shared their best wisdom. As might be expected, their responses were as varied as they themselves are. The contributors to Forty and Wiser come from all walks of life and experience. From CEO's to authors to doctors to mothers, all shared heartfelt and inspiring stories. Some shared deeply thoughtful and insightful words. Others were light and funny. Each is unique and flavored with the life lived by the woman crafting the story. 

The book is a must read for any woman of any age. And in reality, for any man as well. As is evidenced by the fact that it rose to Number One Best Seller in three different categories on Amazon within hours of being launched. And remained in the number one spot for two consecutive days. 

True to her commitment to gift the world with something special to commemorate her birthday, Jessica and Yvonne have made the book permanently available as a FREE download from the website It is also available for sale on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. Check it out and please remember to leave a review!

Congratulations to Jessica, Yvonne, and to the marvelous women who contributed to the book Forty and Wiser. ​

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