Leverage Your Time…

The contract is written. The project defined. The time line is firm. You know the message. Are you the right person to write it?

Leverage your time and knowledge. Bring in the right person; bring in CaZ, a freelance copywriter. In today’s business environment, it’s smart money. Why spend your valuable time doing what a professional will easily do in half the time?

When to hire…

Is this you?

Your job is not writing. In fact, you find writing tedious and troublesome. You would rather go to the dentist every day for a month than have to produce the kind of good, effective writing your business needs.

…if so then you know the answer to when to hire a writer. It’s now. CaZ is ready to write for you, now.

Or maybe this is you?

Time is money. You can write. You know the topic. You don’t even mind writing and actually enjoy it. It is the hours that it takes that you mind. There are already too few hours in a day.

…then ask yourself what your time is worth and recognize that it is time to hire a writer. Time to hire CaZ.

Does this ring a bell?

Clarity and action are what you need writing to deliver for your company. You can write. You know the business inside and out. You know how to get the message out. But is it enough? You compete for your customer’s time and attention against your competitors and also against a vast media-saturated world.

…then it is time to hire a writer. Your stuff has to grab the reader’s attention, hold it, and get action. CaZ delivers exactly that.

About CaZ….

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